Where luxury and fun collide. We are a modern day inflatable party rental company that provides clean, personalizable, yet sophisticated bounce houses without taking away the joy these bouncers bring.


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THe white bounce house ™


Each bounce house is  custom designed to spec by The White Bounce House team with an extensive background in manufacturing to ensure we delivery a product that we can stand behind. 

Each bounce house is commercial grade, thick material made to withstand the rental industry to insure every bouncer can have fun without removing the most important part- Safety.



You can expect more from us than your typical inflatable rental. We communicate each step of the process, from reserving your bounce house, helpful tips, passed sanitation and on-site inspections to installation and delivery times. 


You and your families safety is our number one priority. Each location is required to have insurance coverage to The White Bounce Houses standards. Each team member is properly trained to install a bounce house to the manufacturers recommendations, and insurance requirements, and the quality of our bounce houses are always made to commercial spec for high rental capacity. 


Each bounce house is cleaned, disinfected, and put through our multi-point inspection before approved for the following reservation. We reserve each individual bouncer once per week/weekend to ensure enough time for a full inspection prior to the next client. We pride ourselves in quality over quantity.


At The White Bounce House we take *time* seriously.  We know there are a lot of moving pieces to any event and our clients as well as other vendors are relying on punctuality. Our clients can rely on us to show up for the big day, on time, and on point!


There is a reason we've grown to be the largest bounce house franchise to date. From professional athletes, celebrities, influencers, corporate America, and most importantly the ones that matter the most, MOMS, PARENTS, and CAREGIVERS to those we are trying to impress the most, our children have grown to trust The White Bounce House.

I’m Cara, the founder of The White Bounce House™! There are several reasons I started the white bounce house, and many more reason as to why we franchised it.

I was a stay-at-home mom with my two little girls and all I wanted was to re-enter the work force. With two degrees, I just didn’t get to establish my career long enough before my mom gap had begun. With the world making me feel extremely UNDER QUALIFIED to go back to work I decided what better way to go back than to start my own business. To this day, I run a (large for me) small business,  all while I stay home part time with my girls, but still get something to call my own!

My main goal with franchising, is to empower someone like me, who knows they are more than the world measures them to be, to be able to attain a business like The White Bounce House™ of YOUR CITY, right out of your very home.

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