bring your event to life with consumables!

from invitations to treat bags, cups to balloons, and so much more, we've got custom party supplies available to go with the bouncer you choose!

She is naturally the most popular and it's clear why. She is fun loving and naturally claims the stage with her bright personality. She doesn't care about what theme you pick because she knows she's good enough.

Poppy is an enneagram 7. Click below to throw a party with Poppy!

Poppy (pink)

She is super go with the flow. Whatever you do, she is totally up for it. Even though her favorite things are Daisies and Sunshine, she's always willing to get down and dirty with a fun construction party. As long as everyones happy, she's happy!

Lennon is an enneagram 9. Click below to throw a party with Lennon.

Lennon (yellow)

She is the friend you can always call on! (or should we say book LOL) You give her a time and place and she's there. She can be very risk aware so adult supervision is most comforting to her. If she had to pick a favorite theme, it would have to be frozen since she loves an unbreakable sisterly bond.

Lyla is an enneagram 6. Click below to throw a party with Lyla.

Lyla (purple)

She is very artistic and expressive. She loves a good boho theme, but if you are naturally as artistic as she is, you can see some of the best party theme possibilities.

Clementine is an enneagram  4. Click below to throw a party with Clementine.

Clementine (orange)

Pretty much any party Caroline puts her mind to, it is amazing. She's a natural beauty and pretty much excels at everything she does. 

Caroline is an enneagram 3. Click below to throw a party with Caroline.

Caroline (blue)

Want something to go with your Classic, Modern or Castle bounce house rental? The Classic Collection will be a perfect fit! Not only is it versatile, but... But is a fun color scheme that will go with all the modern bounce houses.

Click below to shop The Classic collection.

The Classic (multicolor)